Private architecture

Focus on high quality private architecture

The requirements in private architecture are very high. Special is in demand.

Many details have to be clarified, which set something apart from the standard.

In addition to creativity and taste, comprehensive technical knowledge is necessary.

Experience is needed.

And: The chemistry between builder and architect must be right.

Above all, this means listening and taking wishes seriously.

Check alternatives. Consistently finding the best solution.

Your building project in good hands

You want to build or renovate ? There are many questions to be answered:

  • What should be considered during implementation?

  • Which experts do you need?

  • How do you get your ideas into shape?

  • Which budget is necessary?

  • Which craftsmen can implement your project?

  • How do you differentiate between the variety of offers on the market?

  • Is your project subject to approval?

You will be cared for personally

At the beginning there is a comprehensive consultation to formulate all boundary conditions and objectives.

You will receive the answer as to how your wishes can be reconciled with building codes, local statutes and your budget.

On the basis of the results of the interviews, a draft design is first prepared as a basis for decision-making. The implementation planning is worked through, as soon as the official approval has been ensured.

With the help of the "descriptions of services", offers are obtained from construction workers, and based on this construction contracts are drawn up.

For the layman, it is difficult to assess the qualities of the construction works that decide the success of a construction project.

The construction must be coordinated and controlled. Completion dates are to be agreed.

The final stage is sign-off of the project.