The planning and construction of swimming pools is not without reason considered one of the most difficult construction tasks.

Although considerably less legal regulations apply in private swimming pool construction than in municipal swimming pool construction, this does not make it any easier, but sometimes more difficult:

This is because it is had to differenciate low-quality products from high-tech solutions, and it's hard to make a distinction.

Overview and experience are needed to get orientation in this confusing market and to distinguish between promises and real performance.

Builders will want a swimming pool, that is at least as good if not better than a public facility.

This starts with avoiding unwanted chlorine odor and leads via dermatologicly-friendly water to the choice of materials in the extreme climate of a swimming pool.

From a functional and aesthetically perfect design to the technical design and building physics, much has to be considered before the first offers can be quoted and construction begins.

Without qualified planning, in which individual needs and circumstances are considered, this is not possible.