swimming school

A new focus in pool construction is the planning of commercial swimming schools.

So far many private operators have rented swimming pools in public baths for swimming schools.

However, existing needs can no longer be covered by municipal baths.

Many municipal baths have been closed and those that have been kept open are busy with school and club sports.

In addition, the rental of water surfaces in the public baths is expensive in the long term, so the investment in a private swimming pool is more economically feasible.

In a commercial context, concepts can be implemented that are much better suited to today's parents' needs than in the past. This applies to all aspects of the operation:

- The course times can be chosen much more flexibly by the customers.

- Additional offers to the pure swimming lessons generate more income.

- The environment is (due to better heating and complex water technology) much more user-friendly.

For a swimming school to function successfully, careful planning is required. for example:

- spatial considerations, public regulations, room design, technical installations and budget restraints.